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“With her vibrant hues, vast layers and whimsical textures, natures’ landscape is forever the most raw and pure form of inspiration I know.”

Living in love is not only the brand’s mantra, it is Jill’s way of life.

Inspired by nature, love and positivity, Jill exudes creativity and a lightness for life.

With this as her muse, Jill’s mandate is to wrap the world in natures’ exquisiteness through her wearable art and custom tailoring.


Jill has over 20 years experience in alternations and the fashion industry. Every one-of-a-kind artisan piece is not just a sale to a customer, it is an extension of Jill’s energy and she prides herself on assisting each and every client with choosing the perfect art piece.

Quality craftsmanship and love are infused in every creation Jill produces.

To wear LivinLove is to know Jill. Connect with her today at this location.

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